About Our Center:

Every child treated at the Craniofacial Center in Dallas is under the personal care of Dr. Jeffrey A. Fearon. The Dallas center is one of the very busiest craniofacial centers in the United States, treating infants and children not only from across the country, but also internationally. The center is comprised of a team of specialists from various fields who are all focused on treating rare craniofacial birth anomalies. Almost all craniofacial surgeons perform craniofacial surgery only a couple days a week, with the rest of the time allotted to cosmetic surgery. Dr. Fearon is one of the few craniofacial surgeons in the world whose entire practice is dedicated to craniofacial surgery. Patients treated at the Craniofacial Center can expect to have a “family doctor” type of relationship with Dr. Fearon while enjoying the best and latest treatment available by the experienced Dallas team.

If you are interested in obtaining a consultation at our center you can either call us for an appointment at either 972-566-6464, send an e-mail to cranio700@gmail.com, or you can send us a letter with photographs of your child (and any x-rays) and we will write you back, or call you with our initial impressions.


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*** For those who wish to contact Dr. Fearon by e-mail, it is recommended that you add his e-mail address to your address book.  Sometimes e-mail spam filters may block his response to you and there is no way for him to know that you never received his answer.  If you send e-mail and do not get a response, please re-send your e-mail after adding cranio700@gmail.com to your address book, or call us by phone. Also, please include a first and last name; this is how Dr. Fearon will keep track of all your Internet correspondence.