Crouzon Sydrome: Physical Traits

The Skull:

The skull is made up of different bones, and the junctions where these bones meet are called sutures. In Crouzon syndrome, at least two of these sutures are fused shut. These sutures are called the coronal sutures and they run from ear to ear across the top of the head. There is a right and left suture, with the soft spot, or fontanel, in between. With these sutures fused shut, as the brain grows, it cannot "push" the forehead forward, or the back of the head backwards. Instead, the brain grows upward, making the head taller. As the baby grows, the forehead slowly gets taller and taller. Sometimes, when a baby is first born with Crouzon syndrome the sutures may not be fused, but over the course of the first year or two of life, they gradually close shut. On rare occasions, the first suture to close in Crouzon can be the sagittal.


Other Crouzon Syndrome Physical Traits:
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